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Baumüller is utilising foaming agents to fight fires with Rosenbauer

Fire Safety

Baumüller is realising mixing systems for foaming agents together with the fire truck manufacturer Rosenbauer

Many fires cannot be fought with fire alone or there is only a limited amount of water available due to the lack of a central extinguishing water supply, such as the amount of water in the water tank incorporated on fire trucks when on the highways for example. These are two scenarios where it is necessary to add additives, such as foam, to the water in a certain ratio by using a pressurized foam mixing system in order to successfully extinguish a fire. During the mixing process, precision is required so that the resulting extinguishing foam can be used effectively and efficiently.

The Baumüller complete drive solution for the electrically driven mixing system DIGIMATIC42 consists, among other things, of a mobile controller of the b maXX mobile series and the disc motor DSM. Since 100 per cent precision and reliability of the mixing machine is demanded for fire department deployments, Rosenbauer has chosen the mobile drive technology and electric motors of Baumüller.

Designed for four-quadrant operation, the b maXX mobil can brake in both directions and recover energy in addition to generating drive. For mobile use, the controller is vibration resistant and can be used in temperatures between -25 ° and + 65 ° Celsius. The three-phase current disc motor DSM has nearly no detent torque and among other ways impresses with its high level of performance with a small overall installed size and extremely short type of construction.