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Increase cyber attacks in Saudi Arabia turns spotlight on digital forensics


HSSRWith an increase in reliance on technology and cloud computing in various sectors and industries, and the growth of cryptocurrency, cyberthreats and attacks, industrial espionage and other illegal activities that involve the application of cyber forensics, are bound to expand

Digital or cyber forensics analysis is based on retrieving objective evidence of digital criminal activity, and includes all practices of collecting, identifying, extracting and analysing evidence from digital devices by highly skilled investigators to track the digital impact of the source of the attack using highly specialised tools and techniques to harvest data without tampering with evidence.

The 9th edition of MENAISC2021 will spotlight forensics during its varied sessions, which will be held from 25-26 May. The event is titled "Cyber Security Vigilance Continuous Monitoring & Mitigation - Understanding the Impact in a 5G Era," and will tackle a number of other related topics, including, 5G networks, cybersecurity frameworks, artificial intelligence, analytics, cloud security and virtualisation, data security and privacy strategy, satellites and communications, human skills for cyber security, and advanced hacker threats.

A recent report titled "Global Digital Forensics Market 2019" focused on the current market scene, the size of its shares, drivers, trends, the dominant players in it, and its promising opportunities. Its scope included digital devices, software and services, including forensic evidence for computers, mobile devices, networks and others. According to the report, the value of this market in 2017 was about US$143bn, and it is expected to reach US$375bn by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 329 percent during the projected period (2018-2023).

The relevant authorities in Saudi Arabia, such as the National Cybersecurity Authority, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology represented by the Saudi Digital Academy, the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones, and a number of major universities have launched specialised development plans and programs to qualify national cadres in the field of digital forensics analysis.