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New noise control solution launched


At the Safety and Health Expo in London, EAVE launched its intelligent noise control and risk reduction technology: the EAVE WORK noise mapping, monitoring and dosimetry solution

Comprising the PEAK software platform and EAVE WORK MKI headset, this disruptive hearable technology keeps workers safe and connected when they work in hazardous industrial environments.  

The EAVE WORK MKI gathers data about onsite noise levels while protecting the wearers from excessive noise. The data is automatically reported on the EAVE PEAK cloud based noise monitoring platform, producing a heat map of noise and monitoring the connected workers’ exposure to noise. This ensures that dangerous doses and durations of noise exposure can be avoided to prevent noise induced hearing loss, and create an audit trail of compliance to protect companies against future occupational hearing loss claims. The digitisation and automation provided by PEAK keeps the service costs for noise monitoring far below the industry standards.

CEO and Founder of EAVE, Dr David Greenberg said, “At EAVE we operate in such a way that we look at the realities of occupational disease and hazards in the workplace and apply unique design principles and cutting edge technology to develop genuine solutions. We never look at ways of simply conforming to standards, as we believe these are the minimum benchmark, not the end goal and certainly not best practice. We also benefit from what is now possible with technological developments such as those that are implemented in the EAVE WORK MKI.” 

The EAVE WORK MKI analyses frequencies from four digital microphones, utilising algorithms that have previously only been found in top-of-the-range hearing aids, to sample the ambient noise. The data collected is sent to the securely encrypted EAVE PEAK platform enabling site managers and health and safety officers to monitor and map the noise intensity and exposures of their sites and operatives from any web browser.

The EAVE WORK MKI also enables communication in noisy environments. Connected workers can maintain face-to-face communication and make and receive phone calls even in environments with hazardous noise levels.