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MSA Safety launches all-new V-Series harness line


MSA Safety, a manufacturer and distributor of safety products, has launched its all-new V-Series harness line, representing ‘the next generation of fall protection’

Jon Rowan, MSA’s product manager for fall protection, said, “The V-FORM and V-FIT harnesses have been held up as a benchmark of quality ever since their introduction three years ago. While this original crop of V-FORM and V-FIT harnesses is now being phased out, their iconic names will remain; they’re just being replaced with next generation products offering superior comfort, mobility, and flexibility.

“We are also extending the V-Series harness line with the V-FORM+, and V-FLEX (the premium product of the range), enabling MSA to offer best-in-class comfort at all price points.”

Each harness in the new V-Series line includes an exclusive quick-connect racing-style buckle for a closer, more comfortable-fitting harness eliminating the need for bulky chest straps or cumbersome buckles.

“This new line of racing style harnesses lets workers focus on their work instead of worrying about their harnesses, because the safest fall protection harness is the one you’ll actually want to wear,” said Rowan.

“A racing-style buckle – unique to MSA – makes for a more athletic cut, contouring the harness to the body for improved upper torso movement on the job. Unburdened by ill-fitting, uncomfortable harnesses, workers are given the freedom they need to do their job more safely and effectively.”

Pull-down adjustments on each harness allow workers to quickly and easily get the right fit that lasts throughout the workday.

“Sizing is significant when it comes to wearing fall protection harnesses,” continued Rowan. “Yet unfortunately workers can be sized incorrectly and/or wear harnesses that don’t provide adjustability. This not only makes for a more uncomfortable harness – potentially increasing the likelihood the worker won’t wear it at all – but it can also have an adverse effect on the user in the event of a fall.”

The harness line includes new hex-style stitch patterns which make finding broken threads easier when carrying out pre-use inspections, while coated webbing repels dirt, grease and moisture.

The V-FLEX boasts a patented leg strap design to keep leg straps in place as webbing lays horizontally across the thighs, creating a more natural fit, as well as a patent-pending hip connection which “flexes” with the worker, reducing fatigue throughout the day.

The V-FIT, V-FLEX and V-FORM+ also have a dedicated attachment point for Personal Fall Limiters, allowing for quick and easy attachment, and keeps workers’ back D-ring free for other use.

“Small details add up to big impressions and impressive results and that’s what you can see in this all-new V-Series harness line,” concluded Jon. “We’ve left no stone unturned in our mission to provide uncompromising comfort.”