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Bauer Kompressoren launches B-VirusFree system


Bauer Kompressoren has developed B-VirusFree, a solution that eliminates viruses at the air intake stage

The system is designed to protect firefighters, divers, pressure chamber operator, and medical personnel from these hazards whenever they require respiratory equipment for their daily operations.

The new B-VirusFree protective filter system reliably neutralises - depending on the charging rate of the compressor - up to 99.9 per cent of the corona viruses, bacteria and special moulds can be removed from the intake air.

The chemical- and ozone-free technology of the patent-pending B-VirusFree System uses a special UV light source to destroy pathogens in the intake air flow before they can reach the compressor.

The 254-nm UV wavelength is absorbed by the pathogens’ DNA, where the photons destroy the bonds between the DNA strands of the viruses, bacteria and mould spores and effectively prevent them from reproducing.

B-VirusFree can be ordered alongside any new BAUER system and is also easy to retrofit. The filter system is designed for flexible mounting to a wall and has a compact footprint for extra ease of handling and convenience.

The filter does not require replaceable filter cartridges. The UVC light source has an extremely long service life of approx. 2,000 hours and is simple to replace. The control unit reliably displays the filter functions and includes visual and acoustic warning signals for the event of a malfunction, e.g. in a power cut.

A standard 220/230V power outlet is all that is needed for operation. A version for regions with 110V power supply is also available.