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Teledyne FLIR launches thermal camera for hazardous environments


Teledyne FLIR has announced the launch of the FLIR Cx5, a new pocket-portable thermal camera for condition monitoring in hazardous environments

The FLIR Cx5 has a rugged ATEX-compliant case, which allows users of this camera to safely monitor electrical or mechanical assets in hot working zones.

The 160 x 120-pixel camera is mounted in a rugged enclosure, which enables users to work confidently while maintaining safety. The case has shock absorbers and the lens is protected by a Germanium window with anti-reflective coating. The 3.5-inch colour display is protected by armoured glass and is touchscreen compatible. A rugged lanyard point can be removed in safe environments to reach the data storage and charging port. 

“In hazardous environments, it’s critical for surveyors to be able to detect problems fast, so they can react accordingly,” says Michael Deruytter, sr. director product manager at Teledyne FLIR. 

“The FLIR Cx5 is not only explosion-proof, but it’s also compact and very easy to use. This allows maintenance professionals to always have their camera at hand, find hidden issues quickly and reduce diagnostic time.”

The FLIR Cx5 features a FLIR Lepton® thermal imaging sensor and FLIR-patented MSX® (Multi-Spectral 1/2 Dynamic Imaging) technology, which embosses visible scene details onto thermal images. This results in a crisp thermal image, enabling inspectors to pinpoint hidden problems instantly. FLIR Cx5 is compatible with FLIR Ignite, a secure cloud storage solution that allows users to directly upload, edit, organize and share their images. With all images and videos in one place, sharing data with team members and creating reports for customers is convenient and simple. FLIR Cx5 users can also rely on the FLIR Thermal Studio software to fine-tune their images and create professional reports.