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Seagate offers new solutions and market insights at Intersec 2022


Jermaine Campbell, the companys Head of VIA Sales for EMEA, showcased Seagates new range of integrated security and surveillance products and offered some market analysis for the region at Intersec.

On the shifting role of security and surveillance technology, Campbell explained, "There's a change of use across the market for the type of products we offer. They're more about collecting insights - more than just events, but in general, they have the capacity to gather valuable information on demographic, capacity, and habits.

"This has led to the market becoming much more varied. Retail and finance are adopting innovative surveillance solutions - the same equipment is evolving with new uses. We're no longer a security specialist, we're a data and intelligence specialist."

Seagate comprises video and analytics storage solutions, with a full storage portfolio of solutions designed for security and surveillance.

Across its SkyHawk, Exos and Nytro drives, Exos enterprise storage systems, and Lyve products and services, the surveillance-optimised product range creates a reliable foundation for technology that is flexible and scalable.

On rising to the market demands, the head of VIA sales continued, "We look at the topics our consumers want to gather data and survey on. From these talking points we form close alliances with the right partners. Our factories then produce thousands of subparts that contribute to purpose-built products.

"We're constantly looking ahead to future data streams and trying to understand where the market will move next."
The Middle Eastern market has grown significantly for Seagate, and its surveillance market has been identified as one of its pillars for growth moving forward. The region has driven up to 200% annual growth for the company's brands.

"I think what's driving the Middle Eastern markets is the rise of smart cities. New cities are created and designed with analytics and data in mind from the planning stage. These technologies become part of the infrastructure."

The Seagate Exos enterprise data solutions are build and tested with leading VMS software, offering a unified security platform for a host of compatible technology.

"These smart hubs look for different solutions, like hundreds of cameras linked across buildings, streets and entire cities. We come to market with high-density capacity built within our products - three to four years ago this wasn't possible."

The company operates a full vertical integration manufacturing process, where all components are designed and manufactured in-house.
Campbell elaborated on the benefits of this vertical integration, "This enables incredible ability for performance control. We can utilise the latest technologies, innovate, and bring products to market very quickly.

"In terms of cost structure, this enables high efficiency with varied flexibility. Along with the speed to market, we can future-proof our products. We're the world's largest hard drive provider integrating surveillance solutions. We're looking ahead to see what the future consumer needs."

In terms of supporting its existing customers, products are covered with a 5-year warranty and optional support packages with up to 24-hour response.