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Saudi Arabia installs new security cameras in Mecca


Security authorities have installed new 14 surveillance cameras in Mecca and around the Grand Mosque to ensure the safety of pilgrims, residents and visitors

Head of security affairs and supervisor of crises and disaster management center in Mecca Saud Bin Jelwi told Saudi Gazette that the centre is fully equipped with technological and human resources.

“People can contact us at 911 to report a crisis. Our employees are highly trained and our equipment use state-of-the-art technologies. The quality of our security facilities rival international standards,” added Bin Jelwi.

He also said the commission for development of Mecca and the Holy Sites has reequipped 150 surveillance towers to monitor the flow of crowds in Makkah.

“The commission is working on several projects to be finished before the upcoming Hajj season. It is installing parasols to protect pedestrians from sunlight and providing chairs for resting. The commission has also set a limit of 30,000 pilgrims at a time to take Al-Mashaer train to ensure that the compartments are not overcrowded,” Bin Jelwi noted.

He also said the commission has set new regulations for crowd management and for the movement of pilgrims.

“There are more roads open to reaching the Jamarat area. There will be a new pedestrian bridge on Sidqi Street connecting the Jamarat area to Al-Aziziyah. The commission has also installed 1,000 cameras in Mina.”