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Red Solutions launches Extreme Deployment Division


Security firm Red Solutions has announced the creation of a new Extreme Deployment team

The new division, which the Dubai-based company said will operate as a largely autonomous business unit, will specialise in the installation and deployment of Red’s security systems to customers in the most remote and inhospitable locations.

The firm said members of the new team were selected on the basis of their relevant experience of working in difficult environments, and have all been trained in the division’s specific methodology.

The methodology entails tailoring the systems to the precise environments they will be deployed in, selecting specific components and thoroughly testing them prior to shipping and installation.

“Whilst there are many very effective products available on the market, it’s not always obvious which ones will work best in which environment, and sometimes they need some modifications or enhancements before they’re 100 per cent ready for the field,” explained Geoff Moore, chief technology officer at Red Solutions.

The company said the team is expected to grow substantially over the next year with upcoming projects in a number of regions, including the northern Gulf and Africa.

“We believe that there are huge opportunities to provide security managers with the type of advanced capabilities that simply were not available before,” continued Moore. “In oil and gas alone we believe that the market for some of these specialized offerings could be worth as much as US$5bn in the next five years across the Middle East and Africa.”