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Hexagon adds 3D security surveillance capabilities with the acquisition of TACTICAWARE


Hexagon AB, a sensor, software and autonomous solution provider, has announced the acquisition of TACTICAWARE, a LiDAR-based 3D surveillance software provider that monitors and protects critical infrastructure and buildings such as power plants, airports, commercial and residential buildings and more

The flagship solution of TACTICAWARE, Accur8vision, is a volumetric (entire space) security detection system which offers 3D surveillance. Unlike conventional systems that typically only monitor perimeters, Accur8vision provides situational awareness of the exact location, size, speed and trajectory of an intruder - all of which can be visualised within a 3D digital reality of the area under surveillance.

“Our award-winning 3D surveillance solution, Leica BLK247, fuses LiDAR, video and thermal imaging with edge computing and intelligent algorithms to instantly detect and report physical changes within an environment,” said Hexagon president and CEO Ola Rollén.

“Together with the BLK247 and HxGN OnCall, our comprehensive portfolio of next-generation public safety solutions, Hexagon can now offer those working to make our world a safer place a fully integrated end-to-end security surveillance solution for 24-hour, full visibility of critical infrastructure and spaces to call-taking, dispatch, incident planning and response and more,” Rollén added.

LiDAR-based 3D surveillance solutions offer three-dimensional, volumetric threat detection independent of environmental and lighting conditions, reducing false alarms and allowing a more rapid response to incidents.