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ClassNK establishes cross-sectional cybersecurity team


Classification Society ClassNK has set up a cross-sectional cybersecurity project team of the Society’s ship and security experts to accelerate its cybersecurity service in response to the growing needs of its clients

Cybersecurity for ships is entering a practical phase, including a resolution by the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC), which encourages administrations to ensure that cyber risks are properly addressed in existing safety management systems no later than the first annual verification of the company’s Document of Compliance after 1 January 2021.

At the same time, the industry needs to consider more high-level counter-measures aimed at the future of autonomous ships.

To date, ClassNK has continued developing its basic approach and various related guidelines to support the industry with cybersecurity, as shown below.

-ClassNK Cyber Security Approach (February 2019)

-Guidelines for Designing Cyber Security Onboard Ships (February)

-Cyber Security Management System for Ships (March)

-Guidelines for Software Security (June)

In order to perform certification services on the basis of these standards efficiently and quickly, ClassNK has set up a cross-sectional cybersecurity project team made up of the Society’s ship and security experts (Team Leader: Senior Executive Vice-President Hiroaki Sakashita).

The establishment of this team will enable the Society to provide better and faster cybersecurity services in response to the growing needs of clients, including ships’ cybersecurity ratings, ship/company management system certification and more.

ClassNK Cyber Security Initiatives to date

ClassNK announced its “Cyber Security Approach” in February 2019, which outlines its basic approach to ensuring onboard cybersecurity for ships. It proposes measures based on a balanced combination of physical, technical, and organisational approaches, such as designing ships and onboard equipment with security by design and constructing management systems during service to mitigate cyber risks in both information technology (IT) and operation technology (OT).

Following the release of the Cyber Security Approach, ClassNK issued the “Guidelines for Designing Cyber Security Onboard Ships” (February) aimed at shipyards and shipbuilders and outlines requirements for the design of new buildings.

It also issued the “Cyber Security Management System for Ships” (March), which provides guidance on the management systems of companies and ships, and the “Guidelines for Software Security” (June) which outlines the process of implementing security measures throughout the development and operation stages of onboard software.