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Axis Communications product updates focus on details and efficiency


Axis Communications have announced several new and improved products designed to meet customer needs for multi-view surveillance in discreet scenarios and detailed surveillance of large areas

Axis Communications has introduced the AXIS FA Series with modular cameras for highly discreet, yet cost-efficient video surveillance, and three new additions to AXIS P13 Series that offer 4K resolution in full frame rate and that enable coverage of large areas with high image detail.

The modular AXIS FA Series consists of separately sold units that comprise AXIS FA54 Main Unit, AXIS FA1105 Sensor Unit with a standard lens, AXIS FA1125 Sensor Unit with a pinhole lens and AXIS FA4115 Dome Sensor Unit with a varifocal lens. The series enables cost-effective and highly discreet indoor surveillance of four closely situated areas using just one camera system. AXIS FA54 Main Unit can stream at full frame rate HDTV 1080p videos from four connected sensor units simultaneously using one single IP address.

It captures video with Forensic WDR (wide dynamic range) that is optimised for low light and motion. AXIS FA54 also has the capacity to support advanced video analytics, and has an HDMI output for connection to a surveillance or public view monitor (PVM), making the system ideal for retail applications. The sensor units are small enough to be built into surfaces, structures or devices, and can be installed at eye level such as at building entrances without drawing attention. The sensor units come with an 8m (26 ft.) cable for connection to an AXIS FA54. An optional 15m (49 ft.) cable can also be used. AXIS FA Series will be available through Axis’ distribution channels in May 2017.

The indoor AXIS P1367 and outdoor AXIS P1367-E and AXIS P1368-E network cameras are additions to the highly-respected AXIS P13 fixed-box series, ideal for city surveillance, transportation, and retail environments. With improved light sensitivity, better image quality, and higher frame rate, these cameras can provide up to 4K resolution images in large open areas with challenging light conditions, such as arrival halls at train stations, crowded city spaces or parking areas.

AXIS P1367/-E support CS and i-CS lenses, while the 4K AXIS P1368-E is delivered with i-CS lens as standard. AXIS P1367-E and AXIS P1368-E have specifically been designed for outdoor use. They have a mechanical platform which allows for easier access to connectors and cabling and give more space for optional lenses. Built-in camera rails increase the flexibility of the camera, allowing larger zoom lenses to be installed, delivering greater detail as required.

“The lightweight AXIS P1367-E and AXIS P1368-E are examples of real outdoor cameras,” explains Andres Vigren, Global Product Manager for Fixed box cameras at Axis Communications. “It’s not just a camera put inside a housing, but for the first time we have developed an outdoor-ready CS-mount camera from scratch. This has enabled a highly flexible camera system that can use zoom lenses or even Axis Corridor Format when customers want to view a vertical image and not waste precious screen real estate and bandwidth.”

The new additions to AXIS P13 Series will be available through Axis’ distribution channels in Q2 2017.