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Airbus to help strengthen mission-critical communication system in Kuwait


Airbus’ Agnet 900 and Tactilon Dabat are being rolled out across Kuwait’s local public safety agencies to help strengthen their mission-critical communication systems

With their advanced multimedia capabilities, such as photo and video services, concerned authorities will benefit from the Airbus TETRA network and infrastructure to boost collaborative efforts.

Agnet 900 is a collaboration platform that enables rapid communication among teams wherever they are and whatever devices they use. For more systematic and seamless coordination, Kuwaiti officials can fully maximise the protected voice, multimedia messaging, video and real-time location tracking and reporting services from Agnet 900.

Tactilon Dabat, a smartphone and a TETRA radio in one, is for Kuwaiti staff, who require high communication security. It operates on the TETRA and LTE/4G networks as well.

Users can optimise the video, text, voice data and location tracking and reporting features of the device to connect anytime, anywhere, with their team members. The weatherproof Tactilon Dabat allows for multitasking on its large and bright screen as well.

During the current pandemic of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the solutions provide local authorities with mobility and access to major features, including group tracking and team management, from anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection. This makes team efforts more sound and solid during these unprecedented times, as the government battles the global health crisis that is still raging.

Andrew Forbes, head of the Middle East and North Africa region for Secure Land Communications at Airbus, said, “Kuwait is steadily moving ahead with its digital transformation initiatives as part of its development plan. One of the efforts is intensified adoption of secure communication platforms based on broadband technology as the government steadily moves away from the traditional system.”

“In terms of national defence, public security and emergency management, a digital communication system will help reinforce quick coordination among concerned bodies, most especially during critical moments. Airbus solutions are capable of guaranteeing a smoother connection and facilitating better communication structure for public organisations whose mission-critical mandate is to maintain safety and security,” Forbes added.