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Sharjah: SPSA launches "work safety at heights" campaign

The programme targets all workers in the construction sector or those whose jobs require scaffold installation and usage. (Image source: SPSA)


The Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority (SPSA), in partnership with the Municipality of Al Dhaid, has launched an awareness campaign titled "Work Safety at Heights."

The campaign aims to improve safety practices for working at heights through specialised practical training programmes. These programmes include workshops led by expert specialists, focusing on safe practices for working on scaffolding, proper scaffold setup, and the correct use of safety equipment.

This initiative is part of the Prevention and Safety Authority's efforts to ensure worker safety in the Emirate of Sharjah. It targets all workers in the construction sector or those whose jobs require scaffold installation and usage. The campaign encourages all companies in the central region to provide necessary training to their employees and to register in the Sharjah Occupational Safety and Health System via the Authority's website, which is dedicated to ensuring minimum safety requirements at work sites.

His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority, emphasised the importance of such awareness campaigns and their vital role in achieving the Authority's vision of a safe, hazard-free community. He added that the campaign aims to meet the Emirate's future aspirations by raising awareness of fundamental procedures that ensure human protection, thereby enhancing worker safety, reducing workplace accidents and injuries, and preserving property.

This campaign addresses the growing need for a safe work environment and educates workers on the importance of following preventive measures to maintain their safety. The campaign will run for several weeks and will include various awareness activities such as distributing informative brochures, holding educational seminars, and organising field campaigns for inspection and awareness at different work sites. The Authority urges employers at construction sites to review the Scaffolding Guide OSHJ-GL-03 and the Mobile Scaffolding Guide OSHJ-GL-04 to understand the necessary safety requirements for working on scaffolding, ensuring the security and safety of workers.